Voice-Over & Audiobooks

Michael Kirby is a classically trained actor who has had a diverse career in film, television, theatre, and voiceovers for more than twenty-five years.  For his Audiobook narration he has developed a style that envelopes the audience in the narrative, bringing to life the writer’s work from the page.  With clarity, grace, and a deep range of vocal techniques and characters to draw from, he puts the listener right in the heart of the story.  As a California native who spent a number of years living and working in New York City, Michael is a driven performer that brings a mindfulness to all of his projects.  As a father of two toddlers, he also approaches all things with a patient and nurturing spirit.  Michael loves his craft and thrives on storytelling, both fiction and non-fiction.

1st person POV- Detective Murder Mystery
3rd Person Fiction with Irish Dialect
Mindfulness… Sample
Master & Commander Sample
Mustang Club Prologue
Manson Sample

 Audiobooks available for sale include:

Master and Commander: War on the High Seas of the Moon (Ocean of Storms Book One) by Joe Piteo

 Mindfulness: The Power of Mindfulness and How to Live in the Moment While Becoming Stress and Worry Free Forever by Donna Hargrave

Also Available:
The Mustang Club, A Personal Memory by Donald aka Azure Dirnberger

Coming soon: Hunter Killer: War on the high seas of the Moon (Ocean of Storms)