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1st person POV- Detective Murder Mystery- Where is the Toaster?
Sci Fi- Dialects and a fight on the moon!
Romance- Amish Male/Female
Non Fiction/Self Help-What is it to meditate?
Non Fiction-Parenting
Non Fiction-Business

 Audiobooks available for sale include:

Master and Commander: War on the High Seas of the Moon (Ocean of Storms Book One) by Joe Piteo

Hunter Killer: War on the high seas of the Moon (Ocean of Storms Book 2 by Joe Piteo

 Mindfulness: The Power of Mindfulness and How to Live in the Moment While Becoming Stress and Worry Free Forever by Donna Hargrave

Also Available:
The Mustang Club, A Personal Memory by Donald aka Azure Dirnberger


Michael was a joy to work with—professional, great communication, and he did an absolutely outstanding job on Marissa Brandt’s DRAGON’S BLOOD. He delivered an amazing performance for all of the characters—not only Fynn and Ishtar, but Kishar, Rusty, Calvos…they were all great! He really brought the novella to life. I look forward to working with him again in the future._- Kairn Wells, Owner Philtata Press, LLC

Michael Kirby brings both exceptional talent and professionalism to the production of the Ocean of Storms audiobooks.  The demands of this series are prodigious.  However, Kirby illuminates an incredibly diverse set of characters from Texan Marines to Bedouin sheiks with great skill.  He accurately paints everyone, from the fumbling malapropisms of the ship’s steward to the excruciatingly technical observations of the ship’s doctor. Authors are protective of their characters, but Kirby adds to them.  He lifts them from the page, adding color and dimensions to the text.  Michael Kirby has worked through the pages of this series with great care, precision, independent research, and always on schedule.-Joe Piteo, Author

Michael Kirby is a classically trained actor who has had a diverse career in film, television, theatre, and voiceovers for more than twenty-five years.  For his Audiobook narration he has developed a style that envelopes the audience in the narrative, bringing to life the writer’s work from the page.  With clarity, grace, and a deep range of vocal techniques and characters to draw from, he puts the listener right in the heart of the story.  As a California native who spent a number of years living and working in New York City, Michael is a driven performer that brings a mindfulness to all of his projects.  As a father of two toddlers, he also approaches all things with a patient and nurturing spirit.  Michael loves his craft and thrives on storytelling, both fiction and non-fiction.