What the Critics Had to Say

Henry IV Part 1 at Antaeus:

“Michael Kirby (Hal) gives a performance of such authenticity, decency and courage that he almost walks away with the play.

Kirby allows us, the audience, to see his character mature both as prince and son. Kirby’s ease with the language makes a difficult role seem far less complicated. This is a dazzling portrayal, indeed, rich in integrity and innocence, as well.”

NohoArtsDistrict .com

“Dynamic boy-next-door Kirby gives the evening’s other standout performance in a role that allows him to bridge the play’s two extremes—the dramatic realism of scenes involving English royals and the Farrelly Brothers-style comedy of those taking place at Mistress Quickly’s.”

Stagescene LA

The American Plan Old Globe Theatre:

“A relaxed young actor of exceptional promise.”

North County Times

Syracuse Stage’s Production of The Glass Menagerie:

“Kirby stands out as particularly talented… Kirby brings vitality and exuberance to the second act with his spot on interpretation of the Gentleman Caller. The audience can instantly fall in love with him.”

New House

“Jim O’Connor (an excellent Michael Kirby), talks downstage to Laura about her collection, the production reaches its most beautiful and anguished moments. A gum-chewing go-getter, Jim means no harm, even when he diagnoses her inferiority complex.”

Syracuse New Times

“He makes it impossible for the audience not to fall for his charm the moment he enters the stage.”

New York Theatre Guide