Film & Television

StakesLeadBazbrie Productions
LouLeadBazbrie Productions
Weekend at Jesus’SupportingFinn Films
Brown Paper BagSupportingDetdrich McClure
Hell’s Heart           LeadThird Star Films
Admiral Rickover:
Nuclear Power    
Guest StarPBS
BenevolenceSupportingTreo Pictures
Boston PublicRecurringDavid E. Kelly
ConnectedLeadSetec Films
Chase the SlutLeadThird Star Films
Passing NormalSupportingPolite Pictures


Off Broadway

Richard III: Born With Teeth
Epic Theatre Ensemble/ Ron Russell
Epic Theatre Ensemble/ Ron Russell

New York

The Belle’s Stratagem*
Pearl Theater Company/ JR Sullivan
Merry Wives of Windsor (Terrace)
Dr. Caius
Brave New World Rep/ John Morgan
Jester’s DeadGoosethe PIT/ Tamara Fisch
Speaking To the Dead**
BrandonTheatre Lab/ Sharon Fogerty
Romeo and Juliet
MercutioHip to Hip/ Jason Marr
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
DemetriusHip to Hip/ Jason Marr
Epicene or the Silent Woman
Dauphine(re)Directions/ Tom Berger


Cat on A Hot Tin RoofGooperAntaeus/Cameron Watson
Kapo/Lieutenant (u/s)
Mark Taper Forum/Moisés Kaufman
Henry IV, Part 1
Prince Hal
Antaeus/ Michael Murray
What The Butler Saw
Nick/ Match (u/s)
Mark Taper Forum/ John Tillinger
The Glass Menagerie
Jim O’Connor
Syracuse Stage/ Tim Bond
Tickled Pink**
Mitch Putnam
Laguna Playhouse/ Martin Bergman
Leading Ladies
Leo Clark
Barnstormers Theatre/ Clayton Phillips
School of Night
Kit Marlow
Mark Taper Forum/ Bill Alexander
The American Plan
Gil Harbison
Old Globe/ Kim Rubenstein
Romeo and Juliet
Benvolio/ Romeo (u/s)
Old Globe/ Rick Seer
Merry Wives of Windsor
Bardolf/ Fenton (u/s)
Old Globe/ Paul Mullins
Two Gentlemen of Verona
ThurioOld Globe/ Matt August
The Four of Us**
Benjamin (u/s)
Old Globe/ Pam MacKinnon
Player Queen, Francisco
Old Globe/ Darko Tresnjak
The Goat or Who is Sylvia
Billy (u/s)
Mark Taper Forum/ Warner Shook
Berkley Square
Peter Standish
East Lynn Theatre/ Gayle Stahlhuth
A Tale of Charles Dickens**
Beard, Brixy, Pockets
LA Theatre Works/ Paul Lazerus
Don Juan
Octavio, Fabio
Siglo de Oro Festival/ Anne McNaughton
Chekov x 4
Yakov, Ensemble
Antaeus/ Sabin Epstein

* Reading
**World Premier


MFA Old Globe/USD Professional Actor Training Program: 
Rick Seer, Sabin Epstien, Jan Gist, Johnathan McMurtry, Patrick Page, 

BA Cal State Fullerton: 
Svetlana Efremova, Dan Kern, Donn Finn, Jim Volz

Lesly Kahn’s Comedy Intensive

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts: 
Shakespeare Program

USC BFA Acting Program: 1  Year

Scene Study: Dakin Matthews, Alfred Molina, Nike Doukas, Jeanie Hackett, Rich Cole, Peter Henry Schroder

Improv: Upright Citizens Brigade/ The Groundlings

Special Skills

Dialects: British(Standard/Cockney), New York, Irish, Southern, Italian, French

Stage Combat: Fight choreographer 

Volleyball, Baseball, Billiards, Yoga, Bodybording, Snowbording, Bicycle Riding